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High Quality Commercial Real Estate Opportunities

Northshore Development offers a depth of executive level leadership with marketing, development and acquisition/rehabilitation experience, a strong value orientation in selection of investment opportunities, rigorous standards for project team selection, detailed attention to development and acquisition execution and an ongoing commitment to high quality building and resident satisfaction. Northshore focuses on Quality Developments over quantity of developments. Our projects will always be Best in Class as we seek to build the perfect deal.

New Development

The primary method by which capital is to be deployed and the investment objective achieved is by participating in the opportunistic development of residential and mixed-use properties with Northshore Development as the primary development and management company. Our depth of expertise in developing high end luxury residential, resorts and mixed use real estate is a key advantage for our team. Our development program produces high quality assets and once completed, the resulting property is placed into a managed Core Asset rental pool or sold on an opportunistic basis.


Northshore Development seeks to generate significant return on investment by identifying critical deficiencies within a property and employing a strategy and visión for correcting them to unlock an asset’s true value. By employing innovative and fresh concepts to blighted áreas and investing strategic capital, Northshore has been able to Re-Brand, Re-Position, and Revitalize mixed use commercial and apartment complexes for the benefit of our investors, tenants and neighbors.

Investment Strategy

The primary objective for our investment in real estate is above average total return, with a relatively moderate investment risk. The Real Estate Investment Portfolio will also have the secondary objective to preserve capital and provide a stable cash flow. The design of the Real Estate Investment Policies are intended to ensure that investors, managers, consultants, and other participants take prudent and careful action while managing the Portfolio. The purchase, management, and sale of all types of real estate investments is performed by professionals who are monitored and evaluated by internal investment officers, an external real estate consultant, and/or independent fiduciaries.

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New Development and Existing Projects

Current Development Projects

Aqua Residences

Palm Bay, FL

320 Multifamily Units

Targeted Investor IRR 29.9% – 34.4% (1)
Targeted Equity Multiple 1.7x – 1.8x (1)
Targeted Average Cash Yield 3.2% (5)
Targeted Investment Period 3 Years (6)
Minimum Investment $27,500
Closed: April 21st, 2019

Mission Grove

Tallahassee, FL

192 Multifamily Units

Targeted Investor IRR 23.9%
Targeted Equity Multiple 2.9x
Targeted Average Cash Yield 7.0%
Targeted Investment Period 5 Years
Minimum Investment $25,000
Closed: March 21st, 2019

Shoppes at Aqua

48,000 sf Commercial

Targeted Investor IRR 36%
Equity Multiple 2.45x
Investment Period
3 Years
Property Type Commercial Mixed Use
Investment Structure JV
Closed: July 13th, 2018

Millenium Parc Retail Development

6,200 sf Retail and Office

Targeted Investor IRR 20%
Equity Multiple 1.5x
Investment Period
2 Years
Property Type Retail
Investment Structure Wholly Owned
Closed: January 22nd, 2018

Completed Projects: Prior To Northshore Development